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Set up by Polly Nolan in 2020, PaperCuts' mission is to help you to write the very best books you can.  And, once you've done that, to help to get you the  best possible publishing deal.

Polly has an intimidating amount of publishing experience . . . but, happily, isn't an intimidating person (unless she's negotiating a deal on your behalf).

Polly grew up in Ireland and moved to London in the early 1990s to 'get a job in publishing'.  In a long and happy career, she has worked at:

* Reed Elsevier (which became Egmont Children's Books), as Foreign Rights Assistant.

* Egmont Children's Books, as (possibly the worst ever) Secretary to the Publisher until -  thankfully for all concerned - she became a Junior Editor and then an Editor.

* Orion Children's Books, as Commissioning Editor.

* Oxford University Press, as Senior Commissioning Editor of Children's Fiction.

* Scholastic, as Editorial Director of Fiction.

* Macmillan Children's Books, as Associate Publishing Director and, later, Editor-at-Large.

In 2013, she swapped the editor’s side of the desk for the agent’s, joining Greenhouse Literary Agency where she looked after the UK side of the business, building a successful client list from scratch.  At PaperCuts, she continues to help and to represent authors across the globe.

Polly is approachable and professional.  She loves to help authors to write as well as they can, and to tell the best version of their stories.   

Please note that if Polly represents an author as their agent, she does not charge them for helping them with their manuscript.  As you would expect, she does however take standard industry commission on any income the author receives once he or she signs a publishing deal.

PaperCuts Ltd works with authors writing in the English language throughout the world.  Polly splits her time between London, England and Galway, Ireland.

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